Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Canvas print

Which designs can I order a canvas in?

You can order your canvas into different designs. You have the choice between a circa 2 cm wide stretcher frame or a very representative circa 4 cm wide gallery stretcher frame.

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Are the images printed with or without a border?

After uploading, automatic border processing takes place.

White border:
Your image is printed only on the front of the canvas and sides remain white.

Black border:
Your image is printed only on the front of the canvas and sides are coloured in black.

Mirrored border:
We will create a mirror image of the outside edge of your picture for the width of the choosen frame thickness.

Pixel stretch:
The last pixel on each side of the image is blurred around the sides. All details remain on front of canvas.

Scale wrap:
Your image is wrapped to cover the sides of the canvas frame. If you have important details on the edge of your photo, do not select this option.

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What material is my canvas photograph made from?

Each canvas is made from a specially designed high-quality polyester fabric, and is finished with an HP-certified coating that makes it ideally suited for latex printing. For the wooden frames we use premium-quality spruce wood.

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Contrast and sharpness of the images

Due to the composition of the canvas material, more paint needs to be applied in order to guarantee reasonable ink coverage than would be the case for a print on photo paper. As a consequence, there can be some loss of particularly fine detail, especially in darker areas.

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How good is the print quality?

Your photo is printed on valuable artist's canvas with special HP Latex ® colours, which are guaranteed to be fade-resistant for 70 years. This results in brilliant colours and enables the rendering of the finest details in the corresponding template.

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Loss of image content on serial canvases

Our serial canvases are all created in accordance with the sample pattern. The loss of image content areas at the interfaces between canvases is planned and is a feature of the particular character of this format. If the image content were visible in full on the front parts of canvas, the overall image would seem distorted due to the displaced display on the gaps. Landscapes are particularly well-suited for our multi-part canvases.

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Are the canvas images resistant to damp?

Please note that all of our canvas prints are printed exclusively with solvent-free colours for ecological and health-related reasons, and are therefore correspondingly sensitive to moisture. Therefore please ensure that you never wipe down the canvases with damp towels or similar and that the images are not hung up in rooms with high levels of humidity (e.g. bathrooms).

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How is the canvas fixed to the frame?

The canvas is stretched onto the stretcher frame and clipped onto the rear side of it. This means that the image content is pulled over the edges so that the image can be hung up without a frame.

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What is the best way to mount the canvases?

For stable support, we recommend our hanging sets for each size of canvas, consisting of screws, pegs and cord. Of course you can also very easily fix smaller canvases to the wall with nails. Two options for mounting:

Take the two metal platelets with the eyelets and fix these to the frame. Then you can hang the image on two nails on the wall.

Or take the string and lead this through the two eyelets and then hang the image with the string on one nail in the wall.

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What happens if I produce an unusual format as a standard format?

If your photo does not fit any of our standard formats, we will be happy to produce a special format for you. In our "Formats and prices" area, you will find an inquiry form under "Special formats". In the order process, you also have the option of special format production if your photo format does not correspond to any standard. You can then have the photograph cut automatically to a suitable aspect ratio.

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What do I do with an unusual photo format?

If you decide on this option of choosing one of our standard formats for your photograph anyway, we automatically suggest the measurements that most closely correspond to your format. Please note that in this case the image, as shown in your canvas preview in the course of the order process, needs to be cut.

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What digital camera resolution is best suited for a canvas print?

In order to get good results, your digital camera resolution should not be under 4 megapixels. With a resolution of 2 megapixels, we can produce high-quality versions of your image even in smaller formats.

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What resolution is needed for the file?

A resolution of at least 72 DPI is needed. For best print results, upload an image with at least 150-300 DPI.

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What file format is suitable for production?

We can process jpg, jpeg, png, gif formats. Max. process 60 MB data size.

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How do I know if my image is suitable for the size I want?

Under point 2 of your order process, "Select format", you will find a list with the print formats that are possible on the basis of your image content. If the format you would like is not shown, this is usually for one of two reasons. Either the resolution of your image file is insufficiently high or the aspect ratio of your image file deviates too greatly from your desired format.

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How important is the aspect ratio for the production of my images?

The aspect ratio describes the ratio of length to width of an image. Generally, the usual aspect ratios are the 3:2 format and the 4:3 format. At, these formats are offered as well as many others, e.g. panorama, square and DIN formats. If the aspect ratio of your image deviates too greatly from your desired image content, your desired image content will not be offered as too much of your image would be off the page to be able to generate your desired format. You can obtain your desired format by changing the format of your image content during the preliminary stages of your order.

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What resolution does my image need to be at?

The resolution of your image determines the size at which it can be printed in high quality. In order to achieve optimum results, use the information provided at this link:

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How can I post-process my images?

For subsequent processing of your images, it is best to use established software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint, PaintShop Pro or IrfanView. The product designer, however, offers you the opportunity to subsequently convert your images into black and white under the "Effects" option.

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Can I also upload black and white images?

Yes, you can also upload black and white images. You can of course also convert a normal colour photo to a black and white image in the product designer under the "Effects" option.

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Are my images edited manually before printing?

Please note that you image data cannot be edited or trimmed before printing. The printing data is automatically generated by the system after submission of your order for the format selected in each case, and transferred to the production server. The respective preview that you were shown during the format selection stage is always decisive for the printing result, in particular also regarding possible image content loss due to varying aspect ratios between the preview and the printing format. In this, the system automatically carries out a bleed of the image data, and this is done symmetrically on the necessary pages. The system, after you have uploaded the file, automatically suggests all suitable canvas formats independent of the resolution and the aspect ratio. Please note that fuzzy image data and graininess due to artificially created resolution are not recognised by the system and can lead to a poor quality printing outcome (in these cases there are no grounds for complaint).

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How big can my image be?

For uploading to the website, your image can be up to 60 megabytes. If you want to deliver larger files, please contact our customer service.

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How do I upload a photo?

In navigation, click on "Upload photo" at the top right - you can then upload your photo there onto our server.

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How can I place my order?

Upload a photo:

Select format
Select the desired format, frame thickness and the type of border - multi-piece options also available!

Select effect
Here you can apply one of our 2 different effects to your image.

Shopping basket

  • Review the articles you want
  • Option of entering a voucher, if available
  • Option of uploading more images
  • Option of adding additional products (hanging set, wall mounted)

Entering your personal data, invoice and shipping address (If you would like to pay for your order by invoice, the invoice address and the delivery address must be the same) Please also be aware that Klarna cannot accept any company addresses for purchase by invoice. If you would definitely like to give a company address, we would ask you to select one of our other payment types.

Payment information
Please select your desired payment type

Payment overview
Check your data and send us your order!

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When is my order valid?

Your order can only be processed once you have, at the end of the order process, given your preferred payment method, accepted our general terms and conditions and clicked "Order now" – you then receive an order confirmation e-mail from us. Only then is your order valid.

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I have not received an order confirmation

After successful placement of an order, you automatically receive an order confirmation which is sent to the e-mail address you provided when ordering. This may go to your spam folder, and therefore please check this folder if you cannot see your order confirmation. If necessary, please also check whether the maximum storage volume of your inbox has been exceeded. If, however, you still cannot find your order confirmation (e.g. because of incorrect spelling of your e-mail address in the ordering process), please contact us.

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Why is a limited number of formats displayed after I have finished uploading

After you have loaded your photo onto our server, our system checks which formats this photograph is suited to. The resolution and the aspect ratio of your photo are decisive here in order to be able to guarantee results that are qualitatively as high-quality as possible. In order to be able to select larger formats, you need to upload a photograph with a higher resolution and/or another aspect ratio.

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The format I want is not offered for a photo with a high resolution

The deciding factor is the photo file's aspect ratio. There are different aspect ratios such as 4:3, 3:2, 2:1 or 1:1. These can be changed manually, for example, in the settings on your digital camera or later manually through editing in an image editing programme such as Adobe Photoshop. A print can only be carried out in the format in which the photo file is available. Otherwise, the image content will be distorted when printed. In order to avoid this, our system only offers you the printing formats that are possible.

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After uploading my photo, I receive the notification "Invalid file format"

An invalid file format error message can arise for two reasons:

  • The file you uploaded is not a "JPG". Please check your photo's file type and, as necessary, convert it to the correct file format with an image editing programme.
  • The file name of your photo file contains special characters such as full stops, commas, spaces etc. Please redefine your file name before uploading so that the file name does not contain any of these characters.
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Can I have more than one example of my photo produced?

You can order an unlimited number of your photos with us, and of course also in different formats. In order to be able to select a different format for the same image file, you need to select the "Upload another image" option from the shopping basket.

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How can I order more than one image at the same time?

When you have completed the design of your product and have placed this in the shopping basket, you can return to the order process by clicking the "Upload another image" link. In this way, you can gradually and comfortably order several individual products at once. The format 8" x 8" is a special offer for our non-commercial customers and a max. amount of 20 pcs. per cart can be ordered.

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Can I still change my order?

As soon as the order and payment have been completed, amendments to the order are unfortunately not possible for administrative reasons.

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Is it still possible to make changes to my order after ordering?

Unfortunately, due to our automated production and shipping processes, we cannot make amendments to your order after the order has been placed.

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Upload completed!
File is too large
Your image exceeds 60MB limit.
Resize your image and please try again.
Wrong file type
We can process the following formats:
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .webp
Error while uploading
Unfortuantely error occured while uploading. Please try again. If the problem persists upload your image using this uploader.
Image resolution insufficient.
Unfortunately, the resolution of your photo is not enough for the selected product. Please choose a different photo or change the product.
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Privacy policy

Last updated on: 07/01/2021

Bestcanvas Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, "Bestcanvas"), respect your concerns about privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how we use the information, with whom we share it, and your choices regarding our collection, use and disclosure of the information. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of the information and how you can contact us about our privacy practices. We take the privacy of all our users and customers very seriously. The phrase "personal information" refers to information by which you or the device you are using to connect to the Internet can be identified.

  1. Information We Collect

    We may obtain personal information about you from various sources, including this and other websites of Bestcanvas, [mobile applications,] when you call or email us or communicate with us through social media, or when you participate in events or other promotions. We also may obtain information about you from our parent, affiliate or subsidiary companies, business partners and other third parties.

    The types of personal information we may obtain include:

    • Your contact information (such as name, Twitter handle, postal and email address, or phone number)
    • Your photos that you upload on our websites to use our service or place orders for products
    • Contact information of friends or other people you would like us to contact
    • Username and password for the account you may establish on our websites
    • Payment details (including payment card number, security code, expiration date, cardholder name and billing address)
    • Shipping information (including the shipping address and phone number)
    • Demographic information (such as age, date of birth and gender)
    • Information you provide by interacting with us through social media, including photographs
    • Location information, such as the real-time geographic location of the device on which you install our mobile applications
    • Shopping behavior and preferences, and a record of the purchases you make on our websites
    • Other details that you may submit to us or that may be included in the information provided to us by third parties
    In addition, when you visit our websites or use our mobile applications, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies and web beacons. A "cookie" is a text file that websites send to a visitor's computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor's browser or to store information or settings in the browser. A "web beacon," also known as an Internet tag, pixel tag or clear GIF, is used to transmit information back to a web server. We also may use third-party website analytics tools (such as Google Analytics), that collect information about visitor traffic on our websites and mobile applications. The information we may collect by automated means includes:
    • Information about the devices our visitors use to access the Internet (such as the IP address and the device, browser and operating system type)• Information about the devices our visitors use to access the Internet (such as the IP address and the device, browser and operating system type)
    • URLs that refer visitors to our websites
    • Dates and times of visits to our websites
    • Information on actions taken on our websites (such as page views and site navigation patterns)
    • A general geographic location (such as country and city) from which a visitor accesses our websites
    • Search terms that visitors use to reach our websites.
  2. How We Use Your Information

    We may use the information we obtain about you to:

    • Register you for membership at our websites, and manage and maintain your account on the websites
    • Provide products or services you request
    • Process, validate, confirm, verify, deliver and track your purchases (including by processing payment card transactions, arranging shipping and handling returns and refunds, and contacting you about your orders, including by telephone)
    • Maintain a record of the purchases you make on our websites
    • Respond to your questions and comments and provide customer support
    • Communicate with you about our products, services, offers, events and promotions, and offer you products and services we believe may be of interest to you
    • Enable you to communicate with us through our blogs, social networks and other interactive media
    • Publish your testimonials about Bestcanvas, including on our websites and blogs, and on social networks (if we choose to publish your testimonial, we will include only your first name, last initial, city and state)
    • Manage your participation in our events, sweepstakes and other promotions
    • Tailor our products and services to suit your personal interests and the manner in which visitors use our websites, applications and social media assets
    • Operate, evaluate and improve our business and the products and services we offer
    • Analyze and enhance our marketing communications and strategies (including by identifying when emails sent to you have been received and read)
    • Analyze trends and statistics regarding visitors' use of our websites, mobile applications and social media assets, and the purchases visitors make on our websites
    • Protect against and prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims and other liabilities, and manage risk exposure, including by identifying potential hackers and other unauthorized users
    • Enforce our Website Terms of Use,, Terms of Service and Terms of Sale
    • Comply with applicable legal requirements and industry standards and our policies.

    In addition to the data uses described above, we may use the information collected through cookies and other automated means to uniquely identify the electronic shopping basket you may create on our websites and enable you to retrieve shopping baskets you previously created. We also may use cookies to identify and authenticate visitors. We may combine the information we collect with publicly available information and information we receive from our parent, affiliate or subsidiary companies, business partners and other third parties. We may use that combined information to enhance and personalize your shopping experience with us, to communicate with you about products, services and events that may be of interest to you, for other promotional purposes, and for other purposes described in this section. We also may use the information we obtain about you in other ways for which we provide specific notice at the time of collection.

    Online Advertising

    On our websites, we may collect information about your online activities to provide advertising about products and services tailored to your individual interests. You may see certain ads on this and other websites because we participate in advertising networks. Ad networks allow us to target our advertising to users through demographic, behavioral and contextual means. These networks track your online activities over time by collecting information through automated means, including through the use of cookies, web server logs, web beacons and other methods. The networks use this information to show you advertisements for Bestcanvas and our business partners that are tailored to your individual interests. The information our ad network vendors collect includes information about your visits to websites that participate in the vendors' advertising networks, such as the pages or advertisements you have viewed, and the actions you take on the websites. This data collection and ad targeting take place both on our websites and on third-party websites that participate in the ad networks. This process also helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

    To direct our ad network vendors not to use your data to deliver targeted advertising to you, please email us.

  3. With Whom We Share Your Personal Information

    We do not sell or otherwise disclose personal information about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy. We may share the personal information we collect with our parent, affiliate and subsidiary companies, business partners, [ad network vendors and their participants, ]and other third parties for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, including to communicate with you about products and services, offers, events and promotions that we believe may be of interest to you. We also may share personal information with our service providers who perform services on our behalf. These service providers are not authorized by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements.

    We also may disclose information about you (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process (such as a court order), (ii) in response to a request by law enforcement authorities, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity. We also reserve the right to transfer personal information we have about you in the event we sell, merge or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets. Following such a sale, merger or transfer, you may contact the entity to which we transferred your personal information with any inquiries concerning the processing of that information.

    Posted Information

    Bestcanvas may reserve certain portions of its websites to permit registered users to post materials or information, including but not limited to classified ads, user resumes or other information, job listings, user demonstration reels or other sample materials, graphics, images, opinions, comments, conversations or questions ("Posted Information"). The purpose of Posted Information is to make that information available to the public. CONSEQUENTLY, POSTED INFORMATION IS NOT GOVERNED BY THIS PRIVACY POLICY BUT BY THE TERMS OF USE (AVAILABLE AT WWW.BESTCANVAS.CA/TERMSOFUSE

  4. Your Choices

    You may direct Bestcanvas not to share your personal information with our business partners for those partners' own purposes; however, we must be able to share your personal information with our affiliates involved in the process of handling your orders, with credit card processing companies and our shipping partner.

    If you would like us not to share personal information with any other third parties, please adjust your preferences using the online account you may establish on our websites. If you opt out, we will continue sharing your personal information as otherwise described in paragraph of this Privacy Policy, including with our affiliates and service providers, to fulfill your requests and to comply with legal requirements.

    4.1 Sharing Information with Business Partners

    You may direct Bestcanvas not to share your personal information with our business partners for those partners' own purposes; however, we must be able to share your personal information with our affiliates involved in the process of handling your orders, with credit card processing companies and our shipping partner. If you would like us not to share personal information with any other third parties, please adjust your preferences using the online account you may establish on our websites. If you opt out, we will continue sharing your personal information as otherwise described in paragraphof this Privacy Policy, including with our affiliates and service providers, to fulfill your requests and to comply with legal requirements.

    4.2 Marketing Emails

    If you wish to receive the newsletter offered on the website, we need you to provide a valid email address plus information allowing us to check that you are the owner of the email address provided or that the owner of the email address is in agreement with the receipt of the newsletter. No further Data will be required. We use your personal data to process your order and for our own promotional purposes. You can cancel the use of your personal data for promotional purposes at any time for single instances or overall without any costs except the basic transmission costs. An email or the contact data provided in the imprint (fax, letter) will suffice for that purpose. You may choose not to receive marketing email communications from us by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the marketing emails.

    4.3 Cookies

    Most browsers allow you to automatically decline cookies, or to be given the choice of declining or accepting the transfer of a particular cookie, or cookies from a particular website, to your computer. You can learn more about cookies by visiting You may find more information about opting out of most third-party service cookies at or other related websites. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of all of our websites' features or experience limited or no access or functionality of our services. In addition, disabling cookies may cancel opt-outs that rely on cookies, such as web analytics or targeted advertising opt-outs.

    This website makes use of a web analysis service that includes bid management provided by intelliAd Media GmbH of Sendlinger Str. 7, 80331 Munich, Germany. For the optimization and demand-actuated design of this website, anonymous user data as well as user profiles are collected and aggregately saved with the use of pseudonyms. Cookies are stored locally through the application of intelliAd Tracking. According to §15 of the current version of the German Teleservices Act, you – as a visitor to the site – have the right to object to the present and future storage of your (anonymously collected) visitor data. You may exercise this through the intelliAd Opt-Out function.

    4.4 Targeted Advertising

    To opt out of receiving marketing communications through the advertising networks of our ad network vendors, please click here , then click "Select all" on the linked website and press the "Submit" button.

    4.5 Web Analytics

    You may opt out of the aggregation and analysis of data collected about you on our websites by Google Analytics by clicking here and installing the opt-out app provided at the linked page.

    4.6 Geo-Location Information

    When you use a Bestcanvas application on your mobile device, you may choose not to share your geo-location details with us by adjusting the device's location services settings. For instructions on changing the relevant settings, please contact your service provider or device manufacturer.

    4.7 Your California Privacy Rights

    If you are a California resident, you may request that we provide to you (i) a list of the categories of personal information about you that Bestcanvas has disclosed to third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes during the calendar year preceding your request, (ii) the names and addresses of such third parties, and (iii) if the nature of the third parties' business cannot reasonably be determined from their names, examples of the products or services marketed, if known to Bestcanvas, sufficient to give you a reasonable indication of the nature of the third parties' business. To submit your request, please email us.

    4.8 Access and Correction

    You may obtain a copy of certain personal information we maintain about you. Bestcanvas will make an effort to keep all your personal information up to date when you provide it to us. If any of your personal information changes, or you identify a mistake in our records, or if you wish to change your password, you may update your account information at any time by logging into your account. If you have forgotten your password you can contact us using the link in paragraph 9 ("Contact Us") and we will update your data and reset your password. If we deny an access request, we will notify you of the reasons for the denial.

  5. Security

    We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to assist us in protecting the personal information we collect against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. For example, we use Secure Sockets Layer encryption to protect certain of your purchase information while in transit.

    Please note that no electronic transmission of information can be entirely secure. We cannot guarantee that the security measures we have in place to safeguard personal information will never be defeated or fail, or that those measures will always be sufficient or effective.

    To further protect yourself, you should safeguard your Bestcanvas account user name and password and not share that information with anyone. You should also sign off your account and close your browser window when you have finished your visit to our websites. Please note that we will never ask for your account user name or password via email.

    If you believe that your interaction with Bestcanvas is no longer secure (for example, if you suspect that the security of your account has been compromised), you must immediately notify us of the problem by contacting us in accordance with paragraph 9 ("Contact Us"). Note that if you choose to notify us via physical mail, this will delay the time it takes for us to respond to the problem.

  6. Children's Privacy

    We do not direct our websites to children under the age of thirteen. We require registered users of our website to be at least 18 years old. If we learn that a user is under 18 years of age, we will promptly delete any personal information that the individual has provided to us.

  7. Linked Third Party Websites

    Our websites may contain links to third party websites. These linked third party websites are not under our control and we are not responsible for their content or privacy practices, or any link contained in any linked website. We provide such links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of a link on any Bestcanvas website does not imply that we endorse the linked website. If you provide any information through any linked third party website, your transaction will occur on such third party's website and the information you provide will be collected by, and controlled by the privacy practices of, that third party. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies and practices of any such third parties. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRIVACY POLICY DOES NOT ADDRESS THE PRIVACY OR INFORMATION PRACTICES OF ANY THIRD PARTIES.

    We use the live chat tool offered by Olark by Habla, Inc., 245 Ramona St., Palo Alto, CA 94301. With this tool, visitors to our website chat with the and receive direct answers to their questions. For further details on Olark's handling of your personal data please refer to the privacy policy of Olark

  8. Changes and Notification

    We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time. If our Privacy Policy changes, we will post the revised policy on our websites and change the 'Last Updated' date at the top of this page to reflect the date of the modification. Please check back periodically.

  9. Contact Us

    To communicate any questions or concerns to us please use the contact details found at